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Spaces As Sanctuaries

December 1st, 2020

Successfully designed spaces help create a balance and we at Chiodo Corporation like to design balance into different types of spaces, in different environments, for different users, and for different purposes. What we hope to offer to you is a space that is a sanctuary providing peace and calm and a deep connection to the natural elements.

There is so much research that reveals how the chemicals we expose ourselves to adversely affect our bodies. The human immune system is damaged or weakened by exposure to toxins and chemicals in our surroundings. Volatile organic compound chemicals in our paints, furniture, textiles are being found to cause accelerated ageing to the brain, defence systems including the blood brain barrier and immune system as well as altering critical hormones necessary for neurological and behavioural development. The chemicals used to produce dyes to colour our world are highly toxic, carcinogenic and hormone disruptive. We want to disrupt the norm and move into creating a new world and way of doing things.

We wish to creates spaces of wellness and comfort and an environment free from chemicals and toxins. Spaces that are thriving and alive with plants, products and sustainable materials that have positive healing effects on your body and mind. We wish to create sacred spaces, sanctuaries of wellness and unwinding. Spaces that are a place of retreat, spaces to breathe, to laugh, to exhale, to let go. Spaces that are thriving, alive, chemical free and bring the earth inside and all around you.

Now is the time for transformation. Now is the time for making positive changes. Now is the time for questioning and diving deeper into a world of interrogation and demand traceability. Your space is your sanctuary and we are committed to helping you create that place of peace and balance in both the built and natural environments.

‘All architecture is shelter, all great architecture is the design of space that contains, cuddles, exalts, or stimulates the persons in that space.’ – Philip Johnson

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